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ECO Aluminum Carports


As one of the largest producers of aluminum sheds in the Czech Republic, the ALcentrum s.r.o. has now come on the market with an affordable variant of aluminum garage.

A basic feature of aluminum garages of the ECO series is low PRICE and undemanding implementation. Their elegant construction is roofed with resistant polycarbonate, which contributes to their long useful life and resistance.

Upon your request, we will assemble your new ECO carport from aluminum profiles, or if you wish, will provide it in the form of an assembly kit. In this series, we offer you 2 Standard types of versions, from 300 to 700 cm wide.

Aluminum garages of the ECO series are the cheapest! You can buy them starting from 20,385 CZK without VAT.

Features of ECO Aluminum Garages

The cheapest in our offer Hliníková garážová stání ECO Cover bar of trough Hliníková garážová stání ECO
Static report Hliníková garážová stání ECO Cover hatches inside the pergola Hliníková garážová stání ECO
Uniform white color scheme (RAL 9016) Hliníková garážová stání ECO Caps of joining materials Hliníková garážová stání ECO
Polycarbonate roof cover (16 mm) Hliníková garážová stání ECO Covering of rubber seals Hliníková garážová stání ECO

jit do galerie garazovych stani eco en

Why to Choose a Carport from ECO Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum roofing directly from the manufacturer is affordable for everyone. Deliverable in up to 10 days from ordering in the form of an assembly kit.
Elegant and smooth workmanship. No more painting of wooden constructions.
Professional appearance and quality. Well thought-out details of system.
Available in two décors, WHITE/ANTHRACITE. Possible to deliver integrated LED lighting.
Possible to make a covered garage. Possible to provide perimeter glazing – side, front, fixed and sliding.
Installation of glass possible anytime after installation of carport. Possible to deliver in the form of an assembly kit with instructional DVD.

Technical Solutions of ECO Aluminum Carports

Are you looking for a good-quality carport for your car which looks very good and at the same time does not put such a strain on your budget? Get an aluminum ECO carport.

  • Construction from aluminum profiles with unlimited lifespan.
  • Painted with Komaxit baked-on powder paint.
  • In the front part, integrated eavestrough with the possibility of water drain in the supporting column or drain under the pergola.
  • Low slope of the roof structure.
  • Placing of roof covering (polycarbonate) on a rubber seal for lowering noise and vibration from the structure caused by wind and rain.
  • Special ending of roof covering for preventing moisture condensation and penetration of impurities.
  • Roof covering from polycarbonate available in several shades.
  • A guaranteed feature is UV protection for polycarbonate plates.
  • On clear polycarbonate, SOLAR CONTROL protection against infrared radiation thanks to which the so-called greenhouse effect (space overheating) does not arise under the roof covering. This is the main advantage over polycarbonate, which is commonly provided with UV protection only.

ECO Garage Price List

of pillars
(w x h)
without VAT
without VAT
1 2 3000x2000 20 385 Kč 6 000 Kč
2 3 4000x2000 27 180 Kč 8 000 Kč
3 3 5000x2000 32 266 Kč 10 000 Kč
4 3 6000x2000 36 295 Kč 12 000 Kč
5 3 7000x2000 40 304 Kč 14 000 Kč
6 2 3000x2500 25 481 Kč 6 000 Kč
7 3 4000x2500 32 595 Kč 8 000 Kč
8 3 5000x2500 40 333 Kč 10 000 Kč
9 3 6000x2500 45 367 Kč 12 000 Kč
10 3 7000x2500 50 380 Kč 14 000 Kč
11 2 3000x3000 29 620 Kč 6 000 Kč
12 3 4000x3000 34 654 Kč 8 000 Kč
13 3 5000x3000 42 558 Kč 10 000 Kč
14 3 6000x3000 49 527 Kč 12 000 Kč
15 3 7000x3000 56 349 Kč 14 000 Kč

Newest ECO Carports

Has the aluminum garage in the ECO version caught your interest? Have a look at the complete gallery of solutions for ECO aluminum carports, in which you can see other possible shades and inspiration for your parking space enclosure...

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