Are you looking for quality aluminum sheds? We specialize in the production and sale of aluminum structures made to order.

Aluminum structures made to order have very many advantages. They are not too expensive; they have minimum maintenance requirements and a very long useful life.


Contact us and order an aluminum structure made exactly to measure.

What services and aluminum structures do we offer?

  • Aluminum pergola (manufacture, sale and installation)
  • Aluminum shades, skylights or screens (manufacture, sale and installation)
  • Garages (manufacture, sale and installation)
  • Sale and formatting of polycarbonate
  • Conservatory (manufacture, sale and installation)
  • Aluminum fences and fence screens
  • Delivery in the form of assembly kits (aluminum pergolas, garages) – without installation costs


We believe that the best advertisement is a job well done. We do not oppose the active involvement of the customer during installation.


The following are matters of course for us:

  • Free definition, consultation and personal dealing at the place chosen by the customer
  • Keeping to agreed-upon delivery dates
  • Professional installation where we use the latest technology - the production and assembly of each job always involves a single team of workers who are professionally trained
  • It is a matter of course for us to clean up the work site before the final delivery to the customer
  • Quality of manufacture
  • We are manufacturers and sellers and behind our work stands a team of people with experience in the field

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