Aluminum conservatory construction

The construction of the seasonal conservatory consists of so-called profiles without broken thermal bridges made of durable aluminum alloys with a surface finish of KOMAXIT powder fired paint.

Joining Material

The joining material used on the aluminum shelters is made from quality stainless steel.

Glazing material of perimeter glazing

The standard glazing material for conservatories includes insulating double glazing with a total thickness of 16 mm. Or, for the same price, it is possible to use safety glass with a thickness of 6 mm. It depends only on you whether you prefer slightly better thermal insulation comfort or safety. Since this is a so-called cold - seasonal conservatory system, we would like to point out that this system is not suitable where there is a requirement for permanent heating of the interior of the conservatory in winter.



Seasonal conservatories are constructed from profiles without interrupted thermal bridges. This solution does not have the same thermal insulation values ​​as, for example, the classic triple-glazed aluminum windows in your house. This is a significantly cheaper solution than systems with an interrupted thermal bridge for so-called year-round conservatories.

We use seasonal glazing in combination with the roof of our aluminum pergola, which is also made of profiles without an interrupted thermal bridge. Therefore, combining our roof with perimeter glazing with an interrupted thermal bridge would not be a suitable and reasonable solution. When choosing a conservatory, it is important to be aware of whether you will be supplying heating to the interior of the conservatory from the heating system of your house, possibly radiators or underfloor heating. If you are not considering this option, then a seasonal winter garden is the ideal solution for you. If you are determined to heat the conservatory, it is necessary to choose a year-round conservatory. However, these are not part of our solution offer.

Do we need to order only aluminum conservatory in Standard dimensions?

We not only manufacture aluminum conservatories in Standard dimensions (w x l); if you need a non-Standard aluminum conservatory made to measure, do not hesitate to contact us. However, when calculating the price, the closest larger Dimensions (w x l) shall be determinative for us.


What is the building readiness for assembly like?

For the conservatory, it is necessary to build perimeter foundation strips for anchoring the perimeter glazing according to our drawings after surveying by a technician. It is also necessary to enable connection to the electrical network for installation.


What are the colour decors for conservatories?

The standard colours are white RAL 9010, silver RAL 9006, brown RAL 8017, anthracite RAL 7016. Of course, we are also able to provide custom decors according to the RAL color chart (up to 200 shades). Here, however, it is necessary to expect an additional fee of approx. 15% for custom painting of profiles. It is always more advantageous to choose standard decor solutions.

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